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Houston GPA MIDSTREAM Scholarship Recipients

Since 2001, the Houston GPA has provided about $580,000 in scholarship money by either direct scholarships ($305,000) or endowment funding ($275,000). The chapter has established five endowments at the supported universities over the same period.
Trevor Howard – BS Mechanical Engineering
John Colby Hargrove - BS Chemical Engineering
Patric J. Han – BS Chemical Engineering
Madeline Kelterborn – BS Chemical Engineering
Bader Anshasi – BS Chemical Engineering
Michael William Dafcik – BS Chemical Engineering
Evan Roth - BS Chemical Engineering
Derek van Meese - BS Chemical Engineering
Azia L. Hinojosa – BS Environmental Engineering
Tuan Q. Tran - BS Chemical Engineering & Natural Gas Engineering
Francisco Javier Zambrano - BS Industrial Management & Technology
Yen Quach – BS Petroleum Engineering
Richard Escobar Villanueva - BS Petroleum Engineering
De Vo - BS Petroleum Engineering
Cameron Brennan – BS Mechanical Engineering
Janelle Marie Jagnanan - BS Chemical Engineering
Raul Ramon Molina, IV - BS Mechanical Engineering

 2019 - 2020 Recipients

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The award recipient will be selected under the direction of the Dean of Engineering or appropriate interdisciplinary faculty members at each university based upon the following criteria:

  1. The award shall be a one-year award. It should be made at the end of the junior year for use during the senior year.
  2. Recipient’s overall grade point average for the first three years should be at least a “B” or its equivalent. Preference should be given to those students achieving these marks on essentially a full-time basis.
  3. The recipient should be a member of the student chapter of a nationally-recognized professional engineering society. Consideration should also be given to those demonstrating leadership in such professional activities as well as in student government or other approved university or outside activities.
  4. The recipient should be a student in a fundamental engineering or scientific field with a high interest in production, processing, treating or transmission of gas, and/or products extracted from the gas.
  5. Special consideration should be given to those with these goals who have had summer work opportunities in the Gas Processing Industrys, or who have participated or are participating in a work/study cooperative program.
  6. Need should not be a consideration in making the award. The HGPA Scholarship University Representatives (one for each school) are not active in the selection process as the criteria stipulate the university controls the scholarship selection process utilizing the established criteria. It is the scholarship representative’s responsibility to ensure that the criteria are followed. The universities handle the distribution of the annual scholarship and the endowed scholarship in a variety of ways. Most designate two recipients, one for the annual scholarship and one for the endowed scholarship.